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   In November of 1974 our album "Joy to the World - Three Dog Night - Their Greatest Hits" was released by ABC Dunhill. As usual, you can click on the link or the picture of the album cover to see an enlarged view with song titles and credits. (Return links provided.)







Although I wasn't chosen to be the cover photo on this 1974 "Guitar Player" magazine, I'm very proud to have been a featured artist in one of the articles.


The article is on the next page, but first here's a copy of an e-mail I received that will bring a chuckle to your lips.

Sender: We were at the Stoneleigh Hotel in Dallas. I was in Joe's room as we alway's were. You came skipping through the door with one of those guitar mags in tow. You said, "Look at this" to Joe. It had the top 10 guitarists in the world listed. Sure enough there you were in black and white #1 on the list. Joe and I looked at it.

1. Michael Allsup 2. Jeff Beck 3. Eric Clapton 4.Jimi Hendrix. We were all excited about you being #1 until Joe stops and says, "Hey, this list is in alphabetical order." It ruined your whole night. Have fun. That's what Joe would want. Talk to you later. -K-

   I had to laugh about that one. A bit of a "stretch" even being included in that group of 10, but I'm still proud that someone out there liked what they were hearing enough to add me. Now for the Guitar Player magazine article.

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