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The Record Plant

   Our new producer was Jimmy Ienner, from New York.   With this new structure, we went into the Record Plant and started recording our next album called, "Hard Labor." hardlabor11_sm.gif We came out with some good songs on this album and had a lot of fun in the process, although I was beginning to feel a little less involved. Skip was a wonderfully talented guy and very easy to work with. We were in studio "A," and Stephen Stills was in studio "B." As is the norm when you're working on a project, there was very little interaction between the two studios, although we had crossed paths with Stephen before. Stephen's a great talent. Really great! I heard that at the end of recording one night, Danny and Steven remained in the studio, sitting on a couple of stools and talked. The next day, when one of the road crew guys came in, they were still there on the stools talking. Genius was flowing, as they say. Nyuk.

   In many ways, Jimmy Ienner was a completely different type of record producer. There was less brainstorming and more "roll tape," which seemed to be what was being stressed to him, or at least that was my perception. Jimmy ("The Teeth" ... via his own logo) did a fine job, and was a pleasure to work with. Here are a couple of pictures of Jimmy Ienner in the control room.



Danny and Cory, discussing the merits of a playback. "Hit performances" or mere "cheese." Danny, Chuck and Cory were tough cookies, but the track record speaks for itself.

danny and cory in the Record Plant

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