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 After releasing our album "It Ain't Easy," we discovered how much fun it was to perform the song, "Good Feelin' 1957." Later, we began adding a wardrobe change, during "The Wizard's" solo segment, when we would put on wigs, wing-tipped shoes and sparkly spandex shirts. Then, we would do the whole "doo-wop" choreography. It was done "tongue-in-cheek," but we would go all out on the performance. Below is a picture of us, in costume, doing that song. The risers on stage left, and stage right, housed our keyboard duo, Greenspoon and Konte. My official name in this "skit" was "Little Eddie," and my costume was complete with a '57 Les Paul Junior guitar. We'd end this segment with Floyd doing a drum solo, which gave us time to go backstage and change back into our regular stage clothes. At the time, we had an extra crew member, Ron Berry, whose job was strictly dedicated to managing wardrobe. He made it all possible and was integral in the "quick change" process.


Below: Me, doing a backwards "Chuck Berry scoot" away from Jack Ryland during "Good Feelin' 1957."


Thanks to 3DN fan club member, Pam LeBlanc, for the picture above. It was taken October 20, 1974 at our Blackham Coliseum concert , in Lafayette, LA. Click on this teenage picture of Pam for more pictures.


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