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My Riverboat Gambler period


   For years, I had a secret desire to be a riverboat gambler. My interest was due to the television show, "Maverick," a western, starring James Garner that was filmed in the late 50's, and from "Huck Finn" by Mark Twain. Having dreamed about it for years, and suspecting that I had unfinished business from a former life, I signed on as a steward on a big wheeler called,"The President" and was making my way down the Mississippi from St. Louis to New Orleans. It was the Spring of '87. I had made a small fortune during this period, but it was soon to come to an end. My demise came after falling prey to a newspaper kid and his two sisters. They ran the old, "We're homeless. Can you take us in and feed us?" scam. The next thing I knew, my attention was diverted by these "poor darling" girls, and the lil' shit with the cap shot me right in the butt with my own derringer and stole all my winnings. God I hate that! These helpless sons o' bitches were entrepreneurs of the highest caliber and mighty smart in the ways of the world. Makes me wonder who their daddy was.


   I had to "gut" a man once over pulling an Ace of Spades out of his sleeve during a 7 card stud game. After that, I figured I'd best be movin' on before I became paddle wheel lubricant. They hang rock n rollers gone bad, ya know. And so, my "riverboat gambler" period came to a quick end. Fortunately, I had other dreams to explore.




Ft. Worth, Texas Grand Champion Bull Rider


    In late 1987, another little known part of my life took place. It was my RODEO period. While making my way back towards California, I briefly indulged myself with a sport I had long fancied. My sponsor was Henry Weinhardt (Beer Brewery in Washington state). I was 40 years old, and after only 6 months of working with local cowboys up around Saragossa, I entered the 1987 Bull Rider's Association Invitational, in Ft. Worth, Texas. Long horns, they were, or was it short horns? Much to my surprise, I won. I'm seen here on my last ride of the championship competition.




   Having reached the pinnacle of my efforts, I decided to retire, leaving room for younger riders, who had dreams of their own. I DID encounter resentment from some of the veteran bull riders, finding notes left for me, saying such things as; "I've got something you can ride," "Hope you lose, o' muso," "Chuck you Farley" and more. Nasty things. You know, ... the kind of things that make ya proud .

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