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   And so, at long last, we come to the end of this book. From the beginning it was my intent to carefully go through my life and to give credit, even enshrine if possible, all the wonderful people I have been privileged to be associated with as well as the many exceptional talents I have encountered in my life's journey. They've shaped me into who I am today. I've had such good fortune and met such fine people. To realize one's dream is a rare thing. I thank you all sincerely for giving me that.

In my efforts to be candid about my "life of rock & roll," it would not be complete if I didn't include a few of the everyday occurrences.

   While on the road in 1993, touring in an RV with my family, we pulled off the interstate in Indiana to find a place to eat. We drove about four miles into a small town and sat down in a family restaurant. My kids said, "Dad, look at that sign!" The sign over our booth said, "Have a 3 Dog Night special," referring to a 3-hot dog plate on the menu. Perfect! I love that stuff. What a great life. Those kinds of things pop up in the strangest, unexpected places -- in football highlight films, etc. Nowadays I see it more in new movie releases and television commercials.

   I even heard "Shambala" played in one of the old "Buck Rogers in the 21st Century" episodes. The story was about a guy who was frozen in suspension for 200 years or so. They thawed him, and when he played the music in his cabin, a girl asked him, "Who's that?" He said, "Three Dog Night. My favorite group," or something like that. People tend to think recording artists don't get excited over this kind of stuff. Wrong! It's great fun.

   About halfway through this book it came to me just exactly how I was going to end it. It is about something that happened last year on tour.

   Upon arriving in Toronto on July 15, 2001, for a concert, we checked into a hotel on Queen Street. I needed to grab a bite to eat before things closed, so I walked out of the hotel and, for no particular reason, turned left and walked up the street. Within two or three blocks I saw something that kind of wraps it all up as far as what my life in 3 Dog Night has been like. This one phenomena, above all others, has reoccurred the most during all the years of music notoriety. A simple thing, really. Something based in vanity, but tempered with a great deal of humility. It confirms to me just how much our music has infiltrated our society and culture. It epitomizes the wonderful life I have enjoyed for the last 33 years.

   Thank you all for your continued enjoyment of our music and for the life you have given me. Without YOU we could have never happened. You have been OUR DREAM COME TRUE.

   Please turn the page. It will load a little slow and require some scrolling, but I wanted this picture to be big so you would understand how I felt when I saw it.




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