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March 6th, 1954, Empire, CA. The 4 Allsup brothers on the day of my Grandfather Bob Allsup's funeral. He was 81 years old. Left to right: Glen, Bill, Fred and Robert.


   As of this writing ... a liquor store now stands where the above picture was taken. I made the mistake once of telling the cashier that my grand parents house use to stand right there ... expecting to get an "oh yeh? Really?" Nada. Didn't care. Not interested. A rude awakening for me. One of my personal "Old guy stories", I suppose. Makes me wonder how many stories go untold of old houses you see along the side of a rural road. How many families raised and forgotten? How many individual adventures of childhood and beyond that get lost in time and history. I guess that just goes with getting older and wanting to cling to things of the past ... like FAMILY and LOVE and HERITAGE. In a world filled more and more with disfunctional broken families, this is one thing I'm clear on.

    Below is a photo of my Grandma Nettie Allsup in approximately 1975. Also, a handwritten note from her, that I received after sending her some flowers. When Grandma Nettie died, we found out just how much of a family bonding agent she was. She held the family together and for awhile, the family was without a central figure to rally us all together. She was irreplaceable. Strong and hearty from working the fields of Oklahoma, but tender and loving like only my Grandma could be.



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