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There are three religious truths: 


 1. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

 2. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian faith.

 3. Baptists do not recognize each other in the liquor store or at Hooters


 Which brings to mind:

The Pope, Billy Graham and Oral Roberts were in a plane that crashed over the Atlantic Ocean. Tragically, they all died and went to the pearly gates. St. Peter was surprised to see them. "Oh, dear! We weren't expecting you and your quarters aren't ready yet. We can't take you in and we can't send you back!"

Getting an idea, he picked up the celestial phone and called Lucifer. "I have three gentlemen who are ours, but their places aren't ready yet. Could you put them up for a couple of days? I'll owe you one." The Devil reluctantly agreed.

Two days later, St. Peter got a call. "Pete, this is Lucifer. You have to come get these three guys that are yours. This Pope guy is forgiving everybody and the Graham fellow is saving everybody, and Oral Roberts has raised enough money to buy air conditioning!"