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Joe Schermie (Scroll down)


    Joe Schermie is the single, most influential musician I ever played with. (I should add in tandem with Floyd Sneed). He IS part of my soul to this very day. King of "how to leave holes and create air space in an arrangement" or "what you don't play is as important as what you do play." Some would call it, "The Pulse." Done correctly, it enables the bass player to drive the band like a truck driver. In charge of, "how and when to shift gears" and King of "firmly shoving and pushing you with a bass line." Master of "half time over the triple time" and clever in his ability concerning, "how to play Mexican bass licks and make you think it's a black thing." Most importantly, Joe lives for the music. He knows no other way. It is his very essence. More than that, it has been his conscious choice; no accident here. A true music man, driven by the sheer love of it. It is his hobby, as well as his talent. What does he do for fun? (Surprise. Surprise). He plays music.

    When Joe played with Floyd Sneed, a Michael Allsup emerged that I did not know. More than the sum of my own musical parts; more than the sum of our collective parts. Chemistry: Something we had only heard about and hoped for, but did not know the structure of. When it happened, it was undeniable. We all knew it. We were ALL blown away by it. I am forever indebted to Joe, Floyd, Jimmy and the rest of Three Dog Night. A dream come true, and nothing less.

A Newspaper article from the Los Angeles IMAGE


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