PART I    The Upside of Rock n Roll
Chapter 1    The Early Years
Chapter 2    Heritage
Chapter 3   The Wonder Years
Chapter 4   Hometown Jams: The Beginning
Chapter 5   The Bands
Chapter 6   The Hands of Destiny
Chapter 7   Memories of Gold
PART II    The Upside of Rock n Roll
Chapter 8   Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll
Chapter 9   Was it really like that?
Chapter 10   The Big Head Syndrome
Chapter 11   A Rock n Roll Road Show
Chapter 12   In Awe of the Yellow Brick Road
Chapter 13   Not in this book you won't
Chapter 14    Cruisin in the eye of a hurricane
Chapter 15   All work and no play
Chapter 16   On the Road Again: Transition
PART III    The Upside of Rock n Roll
Chapter 17 The Times they were a Changin'
Chapter 18   S.S. Fools
Chapter 19   My STUDIO OWNER Period
Chapter 20   One More Time for the Gipper
Chapter 21   My ROGUE Period
Chapter 22   My LAB DUDE Period
Chapter 23    COMIN' HOME
Chapter 24   Three Dog Night today
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