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A Total Crock of Sheet

Submitted for your approval

   Proceed if you will, but, some things cannot be undone once set in motion. A case in point: One Mr. Michael Allsup. Running rampant in a special room of mirrors without any corners or definable periphery. The space-time continuum stretched and distorted beyond recognition into an unrestrained potpourri of nonsensical humor ... with only his madness to guide him. A "Recreational Hell" created by, and especially for, the musician. Partake as you please, but a word to the wise: There's a sign post up ahead. You've just crossed over into  ...  The Musician Zone.

An evolving collection of ignorant stories, jokes, and pictures that drift in from various sources. Never resembling anything even close to "I'll be dipped in" seriousness. Ratings vary greatly. Parental discretion is highly advised.
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Just a Tad Short of Sober

Illusions of Privacy

Out of the Mouth of Babes