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Me and brother Danny 1950


At our "Rock House" in Empire, CA.

My first memories are while living in this house. Back to about 2 yrs of age I do have some images and actual remembrances. I can recall a Christmas morning there when we got up. Mom and Dad had a little wind up train running on a circular track that was only about 2 and half feet in diameter. Once when climbing out of my crib I caught my arm on a wood screw that was protruding and I still have a small scar to this day on the inside of my left arm ... at the elbow bend. At 3 I would try to crawl through an irrigation pipe that went underneath the road. It gave me claustrophobia that has stuck with me just a little. On the other hand: At that age, some of my memories are actually things that my brother did, and just told me about it. Some are a result of hearing my mom tell us "don't you boys ever, ever go through that ol' pipe out there" ... and that sort of thing. I'm not sure if I really ever did it or not. In my dreams, the billy goat gruff story took place at that spot. I had a dream once that a dog was chasing me. I would run but just couldn't get my feet to get going. It was like I was in slow motion and struggling to run. Again: could have been bubber's dream. We shared everything.

Below: 3 years old and "Just Struttin''
Another couple of years and I was doing froggy's voice from The Little Rascals. I had the look, too.

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