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This is Ed's CD. It consists of 8 original songs that are Ed's own version of Suburban-Country Folk music. And "what would that be?" you ask. HIS OWN THING with me trying to put a label on it. You'll find his voice noticeably pure and smooth. For those of you yearning for a taste of the early 60's folk/country style, you need look no further. New, original compositions, some of which, contain his "tongue in cheek" sense of humor. The CD is available on this web site by emailing him at ($10.00 plus shipping and handling)


Ed Parrish in the recording studio in California. 1999


   Smiling as always, Ed has enjoyed (along with his brother Don) a successful career in teaching. He possesses an almost forgotten quality. The desire to raise the self esteem of others. Although he is a music man, for sure, he has done great work in helping students and friends alike to develop their inner resources and harvest the individual perspectives. A truly gentle soul, his supportive nature is inspirational and a credit to our family. I wish we had a few more like him. Enough of that. You should hear him sing. Do it soon, though. Together, we plan on doing the geriatric "Old guys across America" tour in just a few years. Ed Parrish: My cousin. My friend.

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