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    I was absolutely thrilled to get on stage and play with the great Les Paul that night. I had no idea that he was such a comedian and had such a "good rap". A real character. I was only aware of his famous guitar playing. He actually invented the electric guitar ... is the way I heard the story. And you can add overdubbing (double tracking, playing along with your self) as well as making single slap back guitar delay famous. 83 years old, he was.... and still pickin' good. I'd heard his records as a very young kid at my granny's house, and loved them. Tunes like "How High the Moon", "Meet Mr. Calahan", and others. Les Paul and Mary Ford. Way cool. On this night, I was feeling so good about being there with him that I told him thanks for being so generous on stage. Later on I reflected on the evening and realized that he had not been generous at all. On the contrary. The old fart tried to intimidate and embarrass me. ha. Honest. When I sat in he called out the most up tempo, complicated chord progression, un jammable type of song that was completely in a big band jazz style as to put me in somewhat shakey waters. I guess he was used to every "gun slinger" guitar player in the west sitting in with him and all of them trying to burn and show up the old master. That wasn't my agenda at all. I was just happy to be there with him. Well, I managed to get through the musical "jam" fairly good, but, he was throwing me every curve in the book and I was "dancin' around" the chords ... weaving in and out of scales, mostly, with some degree of musical success. Pity. No need. He was the man, and I had no interest in trying to "challenge" him. He is an icon, but unfortunately, also a bit of a reactive old man that did nothing more than try to embarrass a fan of his. Guess what? I'm still a fan of his. Maybe he just had a bad night. Who knows? I hear Jeff Beck had a similar experience with him and that Les just walked out when Beck got on stage to jam. True? Don't know. Just a story. You'd have to ask Jeff if there's any truth to it. In the end run: I'm proud to have met and played guitar with the great, one and only, Les Paul.