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Some Women

Gulf Coast Ladies

All Live Together

Been Thinkin' Aboutcha

El San Juan Hotel & Casino

Do Right



Big City Woman

Hanky Day Cafe

Sail On Sailor (M. Allsup version)

This Condition

(No More) Gag Me Back To Omaha Blues

Black Locomotive (Chasin' da ghost)

Not currently available, but maybe in the future.
The title song, "Some Women", is the last song the late, great Hoyt Axton co-wrote with Louis Bond. I was able to give Hoyt a demo version of my arrangement before he passed away a few weeks later. To my great joy, Hoyt loved it!

I feel there can be multiple versions of this song, done in different styles that would have the same result -- a great Song. But this version is the way I hear "Some Women". And this is my tribute to Hoyt...and the legacy that endures.


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