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 * 1) Some ongoing etiquette of posting here is that you never post anonymously with bad intent. Unfair. Not allowed. 2) No bickering or backbiting. If you are offended by a post ... give it a rest and wait a few days before you react. Generally, it will usually have just been a misunderstanding and you will have saved yourself the embarrassment of posting something negative. 3) Post about anything you want. It doesn't have to be music, TDN or Michael related. Give others a break. You'll need a break yourself sometime. EVENTUALLY, WE ALL DO.  4) ALIAS: Using an alias to post. Yes, even I do that, but it seems I should kindly RE-ASK that if you DO post with an alias or a partial alias with a little bit of your real name in it .... please do us the courtesy of signing the post with your real name, real first name, or at least an INITIAL of your real name. This, in itself ... controls some of the temptation of posting stuff you'd NEVER really say to anybody in person. Know what I mean, chili beans? Of course you do. In fact, most all of you adhere to these suggested rules. As of late, some have not. It's not nice. Too easy to really get nasty that way. Just a little too darn convenient. Kind of like riding in your car and flipping some one the one finger salute. Stop the car and get out ... most of us turn into someone else at that point. Just try not to cater to our lower selves. That's all I'm asking.

You are welcome here.