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   Fall, 1974: The road dates continued, almost nonstop. More and more, the condition of our physical and mental states were deteriorating, due to all the factors mentioned earlier. For example, take the gig we did in Central Park with Zeppelin, Sly & the Family Stone, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Earth, Wind and Fire. You'd think I would remember everything about that gig, wouldn't you? The truth is, I don't remember it at all. I'm hoping Greenspoon can shake my memory and bring it back, but he was in a "state" himself at that time. For now, the poster below will have to suffice. Click on it to see an enlargement.


Here's a recent e-mail correspondence between me and Jimmy Greenspoon about this gig.


Me to Greenspoon:


   Do you remember anything at all about that gig we did with Zeppelin, Sly, Earth Wind and Fire and Lynyrd Skynyrd, on Aug. 15th, 1974 in Central Park, NYC? I don't even remember the focking gig.


Jimmy to me:

RE: You not remembering Central Park Gig with Led Zep.

   That's because it never happened. I bought the same bogus poster, did some checking, and found out it was BS. We did play with Zep and James Taylor, early on in Seattle. And, we did play two or three times at Wolman Rink in Central Park, but we were the headliners each time. However, that gig DID happen, but not with us or Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was just with Sly & the Family.

Your loyal source of info ... Fork.


Me to Greenspoon:

   Yes, I remember when you bought it. It was in the French Quarter. Same for me. So, we didn't play the gig at all, eh? Jeeeeez!! Oh well, I guess that explains why I can't remember it. Nyuk. It's a scary thing when my failing memory turns out to be correct after all, only to confuse me more. It's kind of like, "I made a mistake once, but I found out later I was right. So, the only mistake I made was thinking I was wrong." Thanks for your help, Fork. I get the distinct impression that this story is not over. I'll continue researching this "poster" thang, with a few of the fan club member's help, and maybe we can come up with the real story behind the poster. Hmmmm ... a "bogus" poster. Bogus in what respect? Were we originally going to do the gig, but had a conflict of touring dates? Did the promoter just "bogusly" add us and LynSkyn to the poster? Is it possible that the poster was made up after the fact by merchandisers? Or, maybe we are full of doo-doo now, and really did do the gig, but don't remember, or .... none of the above. I usually love a good mystery, but this one is irritating. In our recent telephone conversation, you said that your source's last name is "Cole," and that he worked with the group as a road manager. That had to be after I left, before the start of the 1975 season, which would put him in the wrong time slot.



Greenspoon's final reply:


   Whatever. You can still expect a bill for my memory access............ FORK


My final reply:

   I think I will enter an official challenge to the "SWAMI's" conclusion on this one. Heaven forbid that you should be included in the ranks of the "memory impaired," such as I. Still, "thanks" for the input. You might be right. We'll see. --M--


   So, there you "DON'T" have it. The (potential) real story on the Zeppelin gig of 1974, in New York City's Central Park. As you now know, I didn't know the truth of it, until I tried writing about it and then found out I "did" know the truth of it ... or so it seems. More on this after I "turn over a few more rocks."

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