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Tour manager Dave Thor on the tour bus after 9/11/01

   Here's Dave doing what he does best ... looking good while relaxing. Just kidding, because Dave is a great road manager and friend. Nobody does it better when it comes to schlepping around us prima donnas. Dave has a disposition that is unique in this business, allowing him to "roll with the punches" better than anyone I've ever known.


   We were in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, when the planes hit the WTC towers, the Pentagon, and crashed in Pennsylvania. Driving to Chicago, we waited to see what would happen with the airline industry. After about five days, we began finishing the rest of the tour the old fashioned way ... by tour bus. We traveled into Ohio, back tracked up to Michigan, back to Ohio, then down to Nashville and over to Kinder, Louisiana. After performing in Kinder, we got back on the bus and headed to Houston to fly home to our individual destinations the next morning.



   That was the first time we had been on a plane since the terrorist incidents. The airport looked amazingly bleak and empty that morning in Houston as all America stood together in a somber, tentative posture. I went there two hours early, as the media suggested, but waited at the boarding gate for an hour and 45 minutes. The airport was reminiscent of a ghost town, and the new security measures were in the first stage of just being implemented. Over the next few months we would find that airport security was painfully "un-standardized," varying greatly from airport to airport. Still, I am very proud of the continued effort being made by everyone to make all flights secure and uneventful.



Production manager Matt Patterson and part of his domain.

   This is basically an unfair photo. It seems that the only time I get a picture of him is when he's in the middle of working. Matt has a 100 things going at once and CAN talk to you, but he does so by delegating minimal brain power ... as to not lose his train of thought. He has to keep his "sheet" together. It's just the nature of the beast. In this picture his brain was already on stage or at the main P.A. mixing console, coming dangerously close to only giving me "ear service" without really hearing me. Who could blame him? We're very proud to have Matt with us.



Right: New crewman Henry Caruthers on his first gig with us in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on 9/10/01 ... just one day before the terrorist disaster.



Henry 10 days later on 9/21/01, ready for the rubber room.



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