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  Below, is a picture of my "Papoo," Drew Corbin. My mom called him "Papa" and that was my version of it, at 3 years old. When he was born, they told everybody to put names into a hat and they would draw 2 names out for his 1st and middle names. Some ornery kid put in "Monkey" and it got picked. His real name was therefore, Monkey Drew Corbin. He went by Drew.

  Papoo died when I was only 3 years old, in 1950. I recall being at his house/ranchette in Waterford, CA., and sitting on top of an old milk can that he used to fill with milk from his cows. He would put them out front by the road, and the cans would then be picked up by a local dairy. He used to get a kick out of me when I would try to shoot a marble, because I would just pinch it between my fingers to make it jet out. He would laugh and say, "God Dog!!" I distinctly remember sitting on his lap, as he let me steer his old 38 Chevy coupe around a corner. A very tender man, who also played fiddle. My mom wrote "Dad" on the picture.


Music was in our family, as witnessed by this circa 1885 photo of my great-grandfather Corbin, on my mother's side. He was the father of Monkey Drew Corbin shown above


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