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    Below left, is a picture of my Grandpa Bob and Grandma Nettie Allsup on their wedding day, in 1910. Grandpa Robert Young Allsup was born in the Dallas area in January of 1873. He actually tended horses for the famous outlaw gang, "The Youngers." Some say his middle name was derived from them. He was rumored to have crossed paths with Jesse James, as well. Because he was 22 years older than Nettie, my Dad almost always related to him as being old. A stern man, but a hard worker, with a sense of humor. He lost his dad and brother when he was just 8 years old.

Below right, is my Grandma Nettie Allsup at 22 yrs old, with my 6 month old dad, Fred, on her lap. Note the baby gown he's wearing, as per the times. His older brother, Robert is standing. The picture was taken about January, 1918.




Allsup family: December, 1937

    The next picture is of the entire Allsup family, taken in a Main Street studio in Henryetta, Oklahoma around Christmas time, 1937. We like to call this shot the "Original Ten," with Grandpa and Grandma. My dad, Fred, was 20 years old and is the tallest one standing in the back row. Starting with the back row, left to right: Bonnie Lee (b.Nov. 19, 1911), Ida Mae (b.July 3, 1913), Johnny Robert (b.Mar.5, 1915), Fred Leonard (b.July 28, 1917), Maudi Marie (b.Oct. 1, 1919), and Vera Etta (b.Mar.31, 1922). In the middle, the youngest and last child born to the family, is my uncle Glen Franklin Allsup (b.May 20, 1933). Front row, left to right: Velma Ruby (b.Aug. 15, 1925), Grandpa Robert Young Allsup (b.Jan. 6, 1873), Billy Wayne (b.Dec. 29, 1929), Grandma Nettie Mae Allsup (b. May 23, 1895), and Nettie Ruth (b.Oct. 4, 1927). If you notice, most of the children were born about 2 years apart.



1938: My uncle Glen sitting on the porch of the Allsup home place with his dad, Bob Allsup. It's located 1/2 mile north of Ryal school.


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