More pictures that ended up on Graphic Designer Liz Hutton's cutting room floor. (She's so-o-o-o stict, you know!)

From the vault: The "Some Women" CD TRAIN PHOTO SHOOT SEQUENCE of 04/2000


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Crossroads Michael

Hand on Train
Engineer say "Stay off da train, main!",
but Bluesmen don't mind too good!

Boarding train with Dobro
to Hobo it.

Just another day
jammin' on de train

Jesse's foot in shot
Photographer-Son Jesse
attempts a "concept" shot

Overhead Dobro
2 Kindred Spirits
Dobro and RR tracks

Alternate San Juan bg
An alternate background shot
for El San Juan H&C

Maestro Hell
Our Symphony Conductor
Larry Baird's Personal HELL

Jesse on drums
Son Jesse playing drums
on his own gig 11/ 2000

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