From DEEP in the vault: Younger and Trimmer 1980's shots


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81 Michael & Cory
Early in 1981
Michael & Cory

White Shector
Michael with a gift
from Shector guitars

'81 and young
Cocoa Beach, Fl.

Enuf wit de faces
Alright with
the faces, already.

Frog Blues Club
Little known history
of Bluesman Jeremiah

Lancaster '83
Antelope Valley 1983
Lancaster, CA

83 San Diego Signing
'83 San Diego signing
Smut Video.(Not!)

With Paul Kingery
Catalina Island 1983

Overhead Dobro
1984 a sea of people
Washington monument

DC Beach Party backstage
with America & Floyd

Hank Jr.
Hank Williams, Jr.
1984 Washington, DC

Doug Burch
My Friend - 80's Roadie
The Late: Doug Burch

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