Basically, this is the place where we share genius. Any and all kinds of genius, although it may only be a "perceived" genius. If you have a problem with that ......... have some more pretzels and we'll discuss it. When a person is "ON THE PODIUM" (as it's affectionately called) others have no right to interrupt or even make attempts to cut it short ... and Lord knows they want to try. Only a really self-indulgent person could conceive a place like this. A place where once you're on - it's all yours. The Podium has been in existence for years within 3 Dog Night, but never before on the Internet. Views expressed here may tend to fall short of being completely convincing, and in fact may border on being a major embellishment (B.S.). No matter. There needs to be a forum for the armchair jock in all of us. The "would be" presidential candidate that sees things so much clearer than most. The "pub" psychoanalyst that maybe ... on occasion actually hits on something relevent (and heaven forbid) may actually be PROFOUND. Naaaahhhhh!   Not a chance. Scroll down and choose.

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