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Michael Allsup


Among other things, this site contains an online book titled "The Upside of Rock n Roll."  Visit interactive places like "The House of Allsup:  BACKWATER - SWAMP SALOON" or simply leave a message at the Say Hi page ".  If self-indulgence is your thing, then get ignorant at "The Podium", "Stuff of Life" and "A Total Crock. " These 3 will leave you wishing for the SPAM e-mail you used to whine about.  At all costs avoid going to the "Menu From Hell." Click on the picture above to get started, or the computer nerd below for information on a CD Michael did back in 2001 (that is currently unavailable for sale). --Enjoy--




In Memory of Joe Schermie

In Memory of Hoyt Axton




In Memory of Matt Patterson

3DN production manager and mains mixer ... Matt had the heart of a real music man, and was a "true blue friend" to me. A treasured person in my life.

In Memory of Doug Burch

3DN guitar roadie and friend. We became such close friends in such a short time. A heart of Gold and a wonderful human being. I was lucky to call him friend and share this life.

In Memory of Jack Ryland

Little Jackie Ryland. Another gentle soul with natural goodness that so few possess. My good friend and "ornery little buddy". I miss him.